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The stackoverflow drinking game

2008-08-21 @ 19:05 in Personal

Caution: You will die if you play this game..

Minor background information:

Joel Spolsy and Jeff Atwood are great writers. They talk about things programmers would be interested in - for instance screw the desk, get a great chair.

But then they decided to do a podcast about their new social networking site that will be this haven of information on a .net stack. I'll quote my friend Ryan: "After hearing them talk, Joel needs to go back to writing and I wouldn't hire Atwood to mow my lawn." After listening to 18 hours of them talk, I agree - take a drink.

The rules are simple:

When Jeff agrees with Joel - take a drink..

well, you're already drunk by now.

When Jeff mentions having a "out of band conversation" - take 2 drinks.

When Jeff says "Absolutely" - take a drink.

When they both deny they're .net programmers - just start chugging..

When Jeff talks about earning badges - think about special mounts on Warcraft and take a drink.

When they say LAMP stacks are dog slow - 3 drinks

When Joel claims macs are only luxury items - 2 drinks

When Joel bashes open source - 3 drinks

When Jeff claims he's open source friendly - fire off a nasty email, then drink

Every time they don't take a user call - take a drink

By now, you should be dead. Either from the alcohol poisoning and/or the aneurysm that ruptured from listening to these guys. While I have no idea if their new site is going to flop or become the greatest thing since sliced bread, I would suggest they concentrate on coding and kill the podcast.